A Cat Story by Ursula Murray Husted


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In this vibrant middle grade graphic novel debut, Ursula Murray Husted invites young readers on a grand adventure as two cats search for a place to call home—an epic ode to the powers of friendship, art, and storytelling.

Cilla and Betto are two friends looking for a place to call home on the island of Malta. It hasn’t been an easy journey for the kittens. The docks are too wet. The fishermen that come through scarcely leave scraps of food to keep them nourished. The streets are far too busy. And the humans, young and old, are so unreliable.

But there is an old kitten tale about a quiet garden—a place where all cats are welcome, and the humans are always kind. Could the stories actually be true? Cilla, with Betto along for the ride, is determined to find out.

And as they embark on this grand adventure, the hopeful cats spin a story of their own—one that will take them through the art and stories of many journeyers who came before, and that will bring them to a surprising destination.

Our booksellers says:

“If you’re a cat lover this book is for you. Comparable to The Alchemist but with cats, what more could you ask for. The power of stories, and advice leaves you wondering what would you ask for if you could ask for anything in the world?”


A Cat Story by Ursula Murray Husted