88 Names by Matt Ruff


Indie favorite Matt Ruff is back with a sly, funny video game thriller packed with tons of action and romance. Or at least sex. Or maybe it’s not really sex….

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John Chu is a “sherpa” inside a role-playing game, With his crew–and for a hefty fee–he guides the wealthy through the levels of the game without all those pesky deaths and setbacks.

John’s new client is the pseudonymous Mr. Jones, who may or may not be the Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The mysterious Ms. Pang may or may not be a Chinese agent and his mother, a genius cyber-terrorism agent may or may not be anyone in the game. It’s a wild ride with a fun, head-spinning twist at the end.

Underneath it all, Ruff continues to explore the overarching themes of his work: identity, puzzles, and the fluidity of the self. Like a number of his books it owes much to Philip K. Dick’s prescient mash-ups of pulp genre and cultural commentary.

88 Names by Matt Ruff