50 States Activity Book


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Brimming with activities and stickers, this book will teach you everything you need to know about America’s 50 states.

Take a fact-filled tour through America’s 50 states in this colorful book with stickers and activities for hours of fun!

Spanning the vast breadth of the United States, go on an activity-packed trip through one of the biggest and most diverse countries in the world. Starting at the rugged shores of Maine, and ending at the sun-drenched and sandy beaches of Southern California, visit famous museums and monuments, trek through spectacular national parks, and find out fascinating facts about all 50 states. From beautiful beaches to supersized sports stadiums, this book has it all!

Learn about what makes each state special, unscramble state flags, battle brain-teasers, complete crosswords, and search for the missing stickers to complete the scenes. You can use the book to record your own adventures and road trips, or why not plan a trip through your favorite parts of the US?

50 States Activity Book
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