Variation #63920 of 5 Year Diary: Red Cover by Tamara Shopsin


Clothbound in delicate pinstripes with a red ribbon bookmark, the diary is designed so that it can be started on any day of the year, even on a leap year!

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Now available in red, Tamara Shopsin’s classic 5 Year Diary is back in stock. Designed by Shopsin–whose illustration work is regularly featured in The New York Times–and produced by The Ice Plant and Shopsin’s General Store, the pint-sized 5 Year Diary helps you keep track of the next 60 months of your life in just a few lines a day. Each page of the diary is devoted to one day of the year and subdivided into five sections (each with its own space for notes), so that, as time goes by, past entries can be read as the new ones are written. Handsomely clothbound with a ribbon bookmark, the diary can be started on any day of any year–even a leap year. In the back of the diary are pages to record the books you’ve read and places you’ve traveled. As New York magazine’s Kendall Herbst noted, the 5 Year Diary is an ideal gift for anyone, anytime, as well as the perfect way to “trace your life’s highlights and trim out the minutiae… Think of it as a sort of CliffsNotes to your life.”

Variation #63920 of 5 Year Diary: Red Cover by Tamara Shopsin