1. Life Ceremony: Stories by Sayaka Murata, Translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori

The long-awaited first short story-collection by the author of the cult sensation Convenience Store Woman, tales of weird love, heartfelt friendships, and the unsettling nature of human existence.

2. Witches: A Novel by Brenda Lozano, Translated by Heather Cleary

Weaving together two parallel narratives that mirror and refract one another, this extraordinary novel envisions the healer as storyteller and the writer as healer, and offers a generous and nuanced understanding of a world that can be at turns violent and exultant, cruel and full of hope

3. All the Lovers in the Night by Mieko Kawakami, Translated by Sam Bett & David Boyd

Bestselling author of Breasts and Eggs Mieko Kawakami invites readers back into her immediately recognizable fictional world with this new, extraordinary novel and demonstrates yet again why she is one of today’s most uncategorizable, insightful, and talented novelists. 

4. Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season: Selected Poems by Forough Farrokhzad, Translated by Elizabeth T. Gray Jr

A ravishing new translation of Iran’s trailblazing, feminist poet in an indispensable collection.

5. The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories: A Collection of Chinese Science Fiction and Fantasy in Translation from a Visionary Team of Female and Nonbinary Creators, Edited and Collected by Yu Chen & Regina Kanyu Wang

From an award-winning team of authors, editors, and translators comes a groundbreaking new short story collection that explores the expanse of Chinese science fiction and fantasy.

6. A Treasury of Rumi: Guidance on the Path of Wisdom and Unity by Muhammad Isa Waley

The version of Rumi that has become known as ‘the best-selling poet in North America’ is not a true one. This new anthology of Rumi’s teachings is freshly translated and supplemented with commentaries, and also includes selected texts in Persian. The aim is to bring readers closer to his work’s true, traditional meaning – and to the man himself as a great Muslim teacher and spiritual guide.

7. Panics by Barbara Molinard, translated by Emma Ramadan

A haunting, bizarre short story collection about violence, mental illness, and the warped contradictions of the twentieth-century female experience.

8. Cuíer by Multiple Authors, Edited by Sarah Coolidge

For the first time, and against the backdrop of Bolsonaro’s emboldened far-right regime, Brazil’s legendary and pioneering queer writers appear together in English translation.

9. Black–White–Red: Grotesques by Mynona, Translated by W.C. Bamberger

Mynona’s self-styled “grotesques” inhabit an uncertain ground between fairy tale, fetishism and philosophy, satirizing everything from nationalism to philanthropy.

10. Days Come and Go by Hemley Boum, Translated by Nchanji Njamnsi

Chronicling the beauty and turmoil of a rapidly changing Cameroon, Days Come and Go is the remarkable story of three generations of women both within and beyond its borders.

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