1. 100 Animals that can F*cking End You by Mamadou Ndiaye

Ever wonder how to tell if a moose is about to subtract you? Curious why you should be terrified of cassowaries, the “velociraptor that time forgot?” Questioning whether that cute baby hippo is actually a homicidal maniac in the making? Yea, so was Mamadou Ndiaye . . . and now he’s got your answers.

100 Animals That Can F*cking End You is the ultimate countdown to merk by animal, featuring everything from tiny bugs that can turn you into a hashtag to animals so massive they can murder you by accident.

2. Gardens of the World by DK Eyewitness

A celebration of the world’s most extraordinary green spaces, Gardens of the World will sow the seeds of adventure and inspire your next trip.

3. Look Close, Think Far: Art at the Ackland

This richly illustrated volume introduces one of the most distinguished public university art museums in the United States: Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Founded in 1958, it now houses over twenty thousand works of art, covering some five thousand years of culture from around the globe.

4. The Catch Me If You Can by Jessica Nabongo

It was a daunting task, but Jessica Nabongo, the beloved voice behind the popular website The Catch Me if You Can, made it happen, completing her journey to all 195 UN-recognized countries in the world in October 2019. Now, in this one-of-a-kind memoir, she reveals her top 100 destinations from her global adventure.

Beautifully illustrated with many of Nabongo’s own photographs, the book documents her remarkable experiences in each country.

5. Sexus Animalis : There is Nothing Unnatural in Natural

An illustrated guide to the amazingly multifarious sex lives of animals, from elephants and bonobos to butterflies and bedbugs.

6. Harlots, Whores, & Hackabouts : A History of Sex For Sale

Authored by one of the most original contemporary thinkers on the subject, this book is an enlightening illustrated cultural history of the sex trade that puts sex workers center stage, revealing how they have lived and worked all around the globe.

7. Gastro Obscura : A Food Adventurer’s Guide

Wonder is around every corner and on every plate. The curious minds behind Atlas Obscura now turn to the hidden curiosities of food, which becomes a gateway to fascinating stories about human history, science, art, and tradition—like the first book, all organized by country, lavishly illustrated, and full of surprises.

Taste the World!

8. Let Me Be Frank by Tracy Dawson

Let Me Be Frank brings together the incredible stories of diverse groups of women from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds who have defied the patriarchy, refusing to allow men to define their lives or break their spirit.

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