Thank you for being kind, courteous, and supportive to our staff and each other.. We are so proud to be a part of this community.

While we are thrilled about the effectiveness of the vaccines (!!!), we ask that you continue to wear a mask in our store, except when you are dining at a table. Many are still unvaccinated or uninoculated or immunocompromised, so let’s continue to be kind to one another as we navigate this shared reality.

You know we love our community and will do anything to protect you. Community means protecting our most vulnerable because it is the right thing to do. It should not be left up to children under 5 and the immunocompromised to protect themselves.

We will of course continue to assess the situation as data become available. We will also continue to provide free masks and wear masks ourselves until we have reached herd immunity (and our team feels comfortable taking them off).

Thank you for your respect and understanding.

Virtual hugs,

The Epilogue Team

Epilogue will continue requiring masks indoors, this is why..

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