Our favorite places in the world – of those we’ve been to, anyway – build communities around chocolate. Small ramekins brim with thick sipping chocolate, dipping chocolate glistens on sweet golden porras, and steam rises from foamy hot cocoa in the humblest of cups.

Such chocolaterías abound in Spain and Mexico, the decadent aroma wafting into the street and inviting the community inside. We’ve stumbled into dozens of chocolaterías in our travels, each time leaving more enlivened and enlightened than when we entered. Whether an indulgence or breakfast (as it is in parts of Mexico), good chocolate elevates any conversation into a celebration, a casual enjoyment.

Chocolaterías represent the community-oriented culture we want to recreate at Epilogue. They’re just a small piece of Jaime’s heritage and we are excited to share the experience with you.

The key to good chocolate, of course, is quality. We source our chocolate from local chocolatiers:

  • Videri Chocolate Factory, of Raleigh, supplies the chocolate base for a number of our recipes, from our Sipping Chocolate to our Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
  • Escazu, of Raleigh, provides the cacao nibs and shells we use to make our Cocoa Tea and cocoa tea-based drinks.

We are also proud to offer a selection of chocolate bars from the above chocolatiers as well as from Black Mountain Chocolate Factory, of Winston-Salem.