One of the best things about café culture is the slow-down, experience-the-moment vibe they imbue. We welcome the pause they provide in our workdays, in our studies, in our travels, in the chaos of living.

We want to capture that feeling. We want to infuse your day with that atmosphere whether your idea of the perfect break is coffee and a good book, tea and your favorite song, a beer with your friends, or sharing conversations with former strangers.

Dedicated to both community and quality, we source our brews locally:

  • Carrboro Coffee Roasters supplies both our coffee beans and the bases for our teas.
  • Ponysaurus, of Durham, provides our beers on tap.

We are proud to bring these quality brews together under one roof to cultivate that much needed slow-down (or pick-me-up, as the case may be) in your day.