We love supporting amazing causes like yours. To that effect we are happy to work with you and your organization on a Benefit that will support the cause or causes you and your team are passionate about. Our events team will work with you on getting an event set up. We will of course do our part to advertise this event to make it as successful as possible. However, we do need to all work as a team to make this event a great success. To that point, check out our below requirements and if they work for you please submit your info on the contact form below.

The requestor and/or their team are required to,

  1. Provide graphics for the benefit night/day
  2. Publish at least 3 social media posts spread out over 2 weeks on all social media platforms they have a presence in. These posts should be published at around 2 weeks, 1 week and the day before or day of the event.
  3. Tag Epilogue’s social media accounts on said posts so we can verify. Or send us screenshots of the post.

If these guidelines are not fully met Epilogue reserves the right to either

  1. Cancel the event
  2. Lower the donation percentage
  3. Both