Epilogue is independently owned and operated by Miranda and Jaime Sanchez, both Chapel Hill locals, alongside a talented and dedicated team.

The core of our idea began years ago as the union of Jaime’s heritage and Miranda’s passion for writing and the transportive nature of reading. Wanderers and wonderers, our idea continued to grow in the plazuelas of Mexico and the chocolaterías of Spain, in the plazas of every country where such spaces form quasi-families for both the briefest of moments and the longest stretches of time. In these spaces, people share everything from decadent chocolate to fried street food, to myth-like tales, to the memories of our own childhood selves chasing pigeons and sucking the sticky droplets from paletas off our hands.

We wholeheartedly believe that the communal experience, whether you’re an active or passive participant, is cultivated by the sharing of food, drink, culture, and story.

Inspired, our idea blossomed into Epilogue: a community atmosphere where you can find a book while enjoying craft brews, a glass of wine, or churros and a cup of chocolate.

Our commitment to our local community, as well as to the overarching idea of it, is evident in where we source our ingredients. Wherever possible, we have chosen local and sustainable partners: Carrboro Coffee Roasters, Ponysaurus Brewing of Durham, Videri Chocolate Factory and Escazú Chocolates of Raleigh, and Black Mountain Chocolate Factory of Winston-Salem.

We have a living wage guarantee for everyone on our team and are Living Wage Certified by Orange County Living wage. We also provide all team members with health insurance.

Epilogue aims to be a place where people can gather, whether to cultivate new ideas, learn old ones, or escape into the welcoming atmosphere that books, chocolate, and coffee all provide.

All are welcome here.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Come on in and enjoy!